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TITLE 2015 KRIHS-WB Municipal Capacity Building Program for Bangladesh
DATE 2015-06-16 HIT 43796

》​ Introduction

General Course Information

1.Course title: 2015 KRIHS-WB Municipal Capacity Building Program for Bangladesh

2.Duration: April 27 (Mon.) ~ May 1 (Fri.), 2015

3.Venue: KRIHS Main Auditorium and Ecole Meeting Room

4.Number of Participants: 9 persons from Bangladesh(5) and World Bank Group(4)

5.Training Institute: Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements (KRIHS)

Course Objective

1.To share and discuss Korea’s experience and knowledge in national territorial, urban and regional development policy

2.To introduce Korea’s water and waste water management system, municipal finance and asset management


1.Lectures Practices

2.Site Visit

》​ ​Contents

Opening Ceremony & Orientation

1.Welcoming Remarks

2.Introduction of KRIHS, GDPC, and Municipal Capacity Building Pilot Initiative

3.Introduction of Participants


1.Lecture 1: Modernization of Solid Waste Management Practices in Urban Areas

2.Lecture 2: Property Tax Reforms to Improve Municipal Finances

3.Lecture 3: Korea’s Territorial Policies and Plans

4.Lecture 4: Urban Development Experience in Korea

5.Lecture 5: Regional Development Policy in Korea

6.Lecture 6: Sustainable Urban Development

7.Lecture 7: Introduction to Smart City Application

8.Lecture 8: Urban Development Project Risks

9.Lecture 9: Water Management in Korea

10.Lecture 10: Water Supply and Wastewater Management System in Korea

11.Lecture 11: Solid Waste Management in Seoul

12.Lecture 12: Conflict Resolution, Management and Area Support

13.Lecture 13: Municipal Waste Landfill Zero Plan for Sustainanble Recycling City

Field Trip

1.Seongnam City

2.LH The Green

3.Gangnam Resource Recovery Facility

4.Joongrang Water Regeneration Facility

5.Seoul Gangdong-district Food Waste Recycle Center

6.Seonyudo Park