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The Intensive Reading and Territorial Planning and Policy (IRTPP) is a series publication with purpose to share the knowledge and experiences of Korea in territorial planning and policy. This publication contains various conflict management programs throughout the history as well as successful cases relating to Korea`s economic and social development in the past 60 years. The IRTPP addresses comprehensive and extensive themes, and serves as a follow up to PKPP. IRTPP is published every year and the subjects covered will become wider.

Title Conflict Cases of National Projects in Korea: Analysis and Implications
Date 2015-01-19 Hit 4978
File 첨부파일 IRTPP 2013-01.pdf

Chapter 1. Conflicts Over National Projects and the Path to National
  1. Context for Reviewing Conflict Cases of National
  2. Major National Projects that Overcame Conflicts to Become a
Driving Force for National Development 
  3. Analytical Framework for
Conflict Cases of National Projects

Chapter 2. Review of Conflict Cases of Major SOC Projects 
  1. Gyeongbu
Expressway Construction Project 
  2. Gyeongbu High-Speed Railway
Construction Project 
  3. Incheon International Airport Construction
  4. Lake Sihwa Reclamation Project 
  5. Saemangeum
(Development) Project 
  6. Seoul Ring Expressway Construction Project 
7. Seoul Cheonggye Stream Restoration Project 
  8. Seoul Exclusive Median
Bus Lane Project

Chapter 3. Synthesis of Conflict Incidences of National Projects and Policy
  1. Changes of Conflicts over National Projects 
Characteristics of Conflicts in Each Era 
  3. Synthesis of Conflict
Incidences of Eight Major Projects 
  4. Policy Implications

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