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Housing and Land Research

The Housing and Land Research Division plays a leading role in directing government policies, responding to policy needs in a timely manner, and furthering the effectiveness of policy research. It also conducts research on housing welfare, real estate, and construction in order to analyze market conditions, and make policy recommendations.
The specific areas of research are listed below.

  • Real estate: real estate market analysis, formulation of real estate policies, policy effects analysis
  • Housing welfare: establishment of a comprehensive housing plan, national housing survey, housing welfare policy evaluation
  • Land: land use system, land management, land policy development and evaluation
  • Construction economy: analysis of trends in the construction and infrastructure industry

evaluation of investment in the infrastructure industry and infrastructure policies

Housing and Land Research Division
National Territorial Planning and Research Division
No. Title Classification Author Date File Hit
267 Real Estate Market Trends and Issues for 2035 Main Lee Soowook , Park Chengyu , Kim Sungil 2018-12-31 첨부파일 67
266 Introducing Community Based Asset Management Organization to Invigorate Social Economy: Focused on the Social Real Estate Management Organization Main Myungshik Choi , Seung-Jong Kim , Ha-Seung Song 2018-11-30 첨부파일 41
265 A Study on Organizing System for Planning Gains Main Lee Hyungchan , Choi Myungshik , Kim Seungjong 2016-12-31 첨부파일 38
264 A Study on Housing Policy Based on Low-income Renters’ Spatial Analysis Main Lee Yunsang , Kang Mina , Kim Geunyong 2016-12-31 첨부파일 41
263 Housing policy reflecting characteristics of housing consumption regarding the life-cycle stage Main Kim Minchul , Kim Geunyong , Chon Hyonsook 2016-12-31 첨부파일 44
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