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Space & Environment is primarily intended to help foreign experts and professionals in relevant fields understand overall present situations of spatial planning and policy of Korea, and published quarterly by KRIHS.

The primary purpose of the Space and Environment publication is to present comprehensive overview of the modern-day territorial development in Korea to international experts and professionals in the relevant fields. The publication includes major research studies completed by KRIHS in diverse topics, such as national/international territory planning, region planning, city planning, housing system, land infrastructure, transportation system, GIS, general living condition, and etc.
Space&Enviroment list
No. Title File Date
6 S & E (Vol. 78) 파일첨부 2019-06-10
5 S & E (Vol. 77) 파일첨부 2019-03-11
4 S & E (Vol. 76) 파일첨부 2018-12-10
3 S & E (Vol. 75) 파일첨부 2018-09-10
2 S & E (Vol. 74) 파일첨부 2018-06-10
1 S & E (Vol. 73) 파일첨부 2018-03-10
1 2  Total(2/2)