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TITLE GDPC Academy Lecture “South Korea's Urbanization and Megacity Seoul”
DATE 2020-06-25 HIT 4318

GDPC Academy Lecture “South Korea's Urbanization and Megacity Seoul”

Date: June 25 (Thu), 2020

Venue: KRIHS, Sejong, Korea

On Thursday June 25, GDPC at KRIHS hosted the GDPC Academy’s special lecture entitled “South Korea’s Urbanization and the Megacity Seoul” in a meeting room on the sixth floor of the KRIHS building. Associate Professor Yumin Joo of the KDI School of Public Policy and Management was invited to participate as the lecturer

During the lecture, Professor Joo explained South Korea’s real estate market and the patternsof Seoul’s development into a megacity from a historical perspective and with a focus on the Korea's distinct characteristics in the aspect of urban development. More specifically, Professor Joo emphasized the background and role of the apartment industry as a solution for housingdeficit as well as a foundation for urbanization. The lecture was followed by a Q&A session that highlighted various angles such as the applicability of Korea’s urbanization model to developing countries and the current state of the real estate market as a social issue. Participants from KRIHS included GDPC director Sehoon Park, a senior research fellow Sanggeon Lee, and a research fellow Miseon Park.​