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TITLE The 57th TR808 Seminar
DATE 2015-06-22 HIT 5505

The 57th TR808 Seminar

Date| June 10, 2015 
At|8th floor, KRIHS
About|“Autonomous cars: Pretty soon—not tomorrow, but soon”

The Infrastructure Research Division of KRIHS invited Professor Lee Chanyoung from the University of South Florida as a presenter for the seminar on autonomous cars, on June 10 at KRIHS.
Professor Lee first introduced recent news and trends of autonomous cars such as technological status of Google driverless car and Uber’s movement hiring robotic scientists, and mentioned the possibility of autonomous cars as a business model, quoting a Morgan Stanley report that forecasted autonomous cars would be commercialized by 2022. He also introduced the cases of US states like Nevada and Florida which passed laws permitting autonomous cars. In this seminar, a number of KRIHS researchers including Lee Sangkeon, Director of the Infrastructure Research Division, attended and enjoyed the opportunity to learn and understand recent issues of autonomous cars and related policy trend in the United States.