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TITLE GDPC Hosts Workshop on Development Strategies with LAC Officials ​
DATE 2015-08-06 HIT 5617

GDPC Hosts Workshop on Development Strategies with LAC Officials

About: Lecture and discussions on Korea’s balanced land and regional development strategies 

Date : July 23, 2105


The Global Development Partnership Center (GDPC) of KRIHS held “KRIHS-LAC Territorial and Regional Balanced Development Strategy Workshop” on July 23, at KRIHS. Seven delegates from the Ministry of Economic Development of Policy and Planning Unit of Belize, Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development of Dominican Republic, a planning institute of Jamaica, Office of the Prime Minister of Grenada and the Central Bank of Nicaragua joined the program. 

  According to the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), 28.1% of the entire LAC population are the poor and 11.7% of them are the poorest. Currently, Latin America and the Caribbean counties are trying to establish and implement the national development strateggies for economic development to tackle the challenges facing at the present.

  This workshop is to share and discuss Korean development strategies and experience in public finance management for helping the delegation develop administrative capacity. During the discussion, the participants particularly focused on how to reduce high financial dependence on foreign countries and fiscal deficit in their countries. KRIHS and the participants sought to have continuous collaborative opportunities between the two parties through the workshop.  

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