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TITLE 5th World Bank-KRIHS Annual Workshop
DATE 2016-12-14 HIT 8163

「5th World Bank-KRIHS Annual Workshop」

Theme: Spatial and Big Data Application to Planning and Policymaking
Date: Dec. 13, 2016 (Tue.)
Venue: World Bank HQ, MC 13-121 (13F)


The Global Development Partnership Center (GDPC) of KRIHS on Dec. 13 (Tue.) jointly hosted with the World Bank the fifth the World Bank-KRIHS Annual Workshop at the bank’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. The yearly event had the two institutions sharing their research knowledge and project results as well as explore continuous ways of cooperation. Around 40 staff from the World Bank and KRIHS attended.


Peter Ellis, the World Bank’s Lead Urban Economist who chaired the event, started things off, followed by welcoming speeches by Carmen Nonay, Practice Manager of the Partnerships and Resource Mobilization Unit of the Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience Global Practice, and Kim Hoe Jeong, World Bank Alternate Executive Director and former Director of the International Economic Affairs Bureau of the Korean Ministry of Strategy and Finance. KRIHS President Kim Dongju, in a welcoming address, said he hopes in-depth discussions with World Bank specialists will help the formulation and application of policies based on Korean big data and for the latter’s expanded use in many countries, including those in the developing world.


In this seminar, the keynote presentation was on the theme “Application of Big Data in Urban Development and Policymaking,” followed by those on the application of big data to urban and regional planning, real estate and transportation.

The presentations comprised “Application of Topographical Spatial Data Analysis for Solving Regional Problems,” “Analysis of Korea’s Housing Market and Housing Policy Decision-making System” and “Latest Trends in Korea’s Transportation Policy Analysis.” The World Bank also introduced its operations in the same fields in China and India and held a Q&A and discussion afterwards.


In the closing ceremony, KRIHS President Kim Dongju expressed hope for the continued holding of the annual workshop, and that through this type of knowledge and experience sharing, the World Bank, KRIHS and the developing world should specifically discuss tripartite cooperation measures that apply joint workshops pushed for with the World Bank and externally financed output (EFO), as well as strive to continue knowledge sharing programs with potentially high effects in development cooperation.


On Dec. 12 (Mon.), the operations conference examined the cooperative activities of the World Bank and KRIHS over the past year, and exchanged opinions and held in-depth talks on designating operations in 2017.