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TITLE The 42nd Global Development Partnership Forum
DATE 2015-08-11 HIT 5306

The 42nd Global Development Partnership Forum

About: 2014-2015 KSP III Projects

Date: August 5, 2015

At: Korea Press Center, Seoul


The Global Development Partnership Center (GDPC) of KRIHS held the 42nd Global Development Partnership Forum on August 5, at the KOREA Press Center in Seoul. A total of 60 members participated in the forum, including Kim Jaeyoung, Chairman of the Construction Information Center. Following an opening address by the newly inaugurated KRIHS Vice President Kim Chongwon, Dr. Kang Hoje of KRIHS spoke about “Korea-Myanmar Economic Cooperation Industrial Complex Policy Advice” and Dr. Jo Panki of KRIHS presented “Sri Lanka Green City Urban Infra-development Policy Advice.” The two presentations were to share the local information KRIHS acquired through Knowledge Sharing Program with the Forum members from construction and engineering industries. KRIHS provided policy consulting for countries participated in the Knowledge Sharing Program funded by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance of Korea. 

  After the presentations, the fact that Japan is making tangible results in developing countries was pointed out. Despite the loss of the initial investment by the JICA and ADB, like in the case of Myanmar, Japan has not stopped investment in developing countries and this has established the foundation for the trust between the countries and Japan. The Forum members agreed that the Korean government and related agencies are also recommended to build trust with continuous investment in developing countries in a long-term perspective. Introduction of financing scheme such as PPP was also discussed so that policy consulting can actually lead to project implementation.  

  GDPC Director Jeong Ilho explained the background of the KSP projects after the Q&A session and along with an introduction of the new members of the Forum. The new head of GDPC said that he and GDPC would continue their efforts to make the Forum a fruitful meeting for its members. 

  The 43rd Global Development Partnership Forum is planned to be held on October 7, 2015.

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