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TITLE KRIHS and WB Discuss Annual Workshop, Invitational Training Program, and EFO
DATE 2015-10-29 HIT 5385

KRIHS and WB Discuss Annual Workshop, Invitational Training Program, and EFO

About: KRIHS-WB workshop, invitational training program, 2016 EFO 

Date: September 22, 2015


On Septermber 22, the Global Development Partnership Center (GDPC) at KRIHS met with Ming Zhang, Urban Practice Manager for South Asia at the World Bank (WB), to discuss projects to be implemented in the second half of 2015. The agenda was KRIHS-WB's annual workshop, invitational training program, and externally financed output (EFO). 

With regard to the annual workshop, KRIHS and WB agreed to hold it in the 2nd week of November in Washington D.C. Five themes were determined for the workshop: metropolitan management; governance policy; urban regeneration; green and smart city; and urban finance (PPP included). KRIHS is planning to check if it could present a national urban policy (NUP) in connection with the five themes during the workshop. 

With regard to invitational training program, two themes developing countries wish to learn from Korea’s experience and cases were determined: metro management, and land and housing. KRIHS and WB agreed to train a total of 60 developing country officials by dividing them into two groups with 30 each. Each group will be trained for one of the themes, beginning at the end of November. Manager Ming Zhang agreed to actively cooperate to increase the attendance and promotion of other WB branch offices. This program will also include meetings with Korean government officials to discuss the metro management and land and housing issues the participating nations are facing. 

With regard to EFO, KRIHS and WB agreed to cooperate to address the existing problems and improve the process.