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TITLE 2015 KRIHS-KOICA Capacity Building on Urban Management under National Zoning Pol
DATE 2015-11-16 HIT 4977

2015 KRIHS-KOICA Capacity Building on Urban Management under National Zoning Policy for Guatemala

About: Strenghthening Guatemala’s capacity to build long-term territorial and urban policies and plans 
Date: October 22 - November 7, 2015

With 15 Guatemalan government officials from the Undersecretary of Planning and Zoning, part of the Secretary of Planning and Programming of the Presidency, the Global Development Partnership Center (GDPC) of KRIHS conducted a program to share experience and knowledge in various sectors, such as national territory, new town development, housing, transportation, and urban resilience. This program lasted from October 22 to November 7.     
As it was the very first of the three-year long KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency) program, it provided advisory meetings and workshops consisting of KRIHS’s territory and urban development experts, study visits, and field trips to useful places the officials can benchmark. 
Although urban population is growing in Guatemala, cities are being formed in a reckless and unplanned way. However, the municipal governments are suffering from a lack of technical, political, and economical capabilities and limits in addressing urban problems. In addition, there is not a department responsible for urban issues in the central government.  
KRIHS is looking forward to helping Guatemala establish long-term plans, fostering talents, developing Guatemala’s territory and cities, and establishing national cooperative measures.  

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