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TITLE WB-KRIHS 6th Annual Workshop
DATE 2017-11-30 HIT 28331

WB-KRIHS 6th Annual Workshop


Theme: Enriching and Rejuvenating the City with Public Space
Date: November 28, 2017 (Tue)
Venue: World Bank HQ, MC 13-121 (13F)


The Global Development Partnership Center(GDPC) at the Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements(KRIHS) held the ‘WB-KRIHS 6th Annual Workshop’ on November 28(Tue) at the MC 13-121(13F) in the World Bank HQ in Washington D.C.. The workshop is aimed to share experiences and knowledge of the research and joint projects and explore continuous cooperation between KRIHS and WB. More than 40 people participated for today’s workshop including the WB staff and KRIHS delegation.


In the opening ceremony, moderated by Jon Kher Kaw, the Senior Urban Specialist of WB, Anna Wellenstein, the Director of WB and Dong-Ju Kim, the President of KRIHS delivered the welcoming remarks. They both anticipated to share best practices on utilization of public spaces for enriching and rejuvenating the cities, and also seek for efficient implementation strategies for the developing countries through in-depth discussions with the World Bank specialists.


In the first session, Peter Ellis, the Lead Urban Economist of WB briefly summarized the joint projects between KRIHS and WB for the last 6 years and introduced the theme of this year’s annual workshop.


Total of 4 presentations were prepared by KRIHS and WB, under the theme of ‘Enriching and Rejuvenating the City with Public Space.’ The two presenters from KRIHS talked about the issues on Korean public space development policies by delivering 5 cases in Seoul and presented the research result of analyzing the livability of urban streets in Korea. The two presenters from the World Bank introduced ongoing public space projects in Dhaka, Bangladesh and Ningbo, China.


During the round table session, following the presentations, participants shared a variety of issues on the role of the government for policy making and planning for public space development, compromising measures for stakeholders, utilization of high-tech facilities in planning of public spaces and public participation to develop applicable policy measures to developing countries.


In the closing ceremony, Catalina Marulanda, the Practice Manager of WB, expected to continue this annual workshop and develop potential knowledge sharing programs to improve development cooperation and draw better solutions for developing countries.


[WB-KRIHS 6th Annual Workshop, Tuesday, November 28, 2017, World Bank HQ, MC 13-121 (13F)]​