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TITLE Joint Training Program on New Town Development and Urban Renewal
DATE 2003-08-19 HIT 5405
◎ Dates: Wednesday 20 ∼ Saturday 30 August, 2003
◎ Venues: Auditorium, KRIHS
◎ Participants: 19 persons from 9 countries
◎ Lectures
(a) Korean Economic Development
(b) Land and Housing Policies in Korea
(c) Some Issues, Rationale and Outline of New Town Development
(d) FDI and Economic Policy in Singapore: Information Technology & Logistics Development in Singapore
(e) The application of GIS Technology in Urban and Regional Planning
(f) National Transportation System and Infrastructure Facility Development in Korea
◎ Visits to Relevant Organizations
(a) Hyundai Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
(b) Hyundai Motors Co., Ltd.
(c) Pohang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

◎ Training Institution
The joint program in Korea will be conducted by the Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements (KRIHS).
Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements (KRIHS)
P. O. Box 1591-6, Gwanyang-dong, Dongan-gu, Anyang-shi, Gyonggi-do, 431-712, Korea.
Fax : 82-31-380-0473 Tel : 82-31-380-0120
E-mail : hjpark@krihs.re.kr Homepage: http://www.krihs.re.kr
The Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements (KRIHS) is a nonprofit and independent research organization established to carry out, among other things, the following roles: to improve the knowledge and understanding of conditions and problems of the nation's land resources and their interactions with people; to assist the government in formulating long-range development plans and strategies, and to make policy recommendations on related matters; to interact and cooperate with academic circles in solving theoretical and practical problems concerning critical human settlement issues; to develop and maintain database containing up-to-date information and statistics on nation's land resources for use by the government, scholars, and general public; and to exchange and disseminate significant research findings at home and abroad in the field of human settlement management and planning.
Both basic and applied researches are conducted at KRIHS. Basic research is concerned with theoretical and methodological development as well as various policy-oriented analysis applicable to the evaluation of critical public issues. Applied research projects involve the actual formulation of plans and development strategies of various natures, including major national plans. KRIHS also undertakes local and regional planning as well as technical feasibility studies on contractual basis for local, national and international clients.
In an effort to properly articulate the policy problems and issues, and also to disseminate important research outcomes, KRIHS organizes seminars, workshops, and public hearings on plan proposals and various policy issues. International conferences are also organized occasionally with involvement of visiting foreign scholars and sister institutions on relevant themes.
The proceedings from these seminars and workshops are selectively published for general circulation. Approximately 1,100 research projects have been carried out since the establishment of KRIHS. The following is the selected titles of the research reports.