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TITLE [KRIHS-EAROPH Korea] Policy Seminar
DATE 2016-06-27 HIT 5842

[KRIHS-EAROPH Korea] Policy Seminar on Korea’s Experience on Urban

Development and Housing Policy: Implications for Developing Countries


Date and time: June 24, 2016, at 2 pm
Venue: 3F conference room, KRIHS
Theme: Korea’s experience on urban development and housing policy: implications for developing countries



The Global Development Partnership Center (GDPC) of the Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements (KRIHS) together with EAROPH Korea held a policy seminar on Korea’s experience on urban development and housing policy in a conference room of the KRIHS on June 24.

This seminar was intended to share research outcomes from think tanks specializing in territorial and urban fields, such as the KRIHS and EAROPH Korea, as well as to draw implications for developing countries. Myungjin Jeon, a professor at Chungang University, delivered a presentation titled “Metropolitan Development and Implications for Developing Countries.”The professor spoke of an empirical analysis of the impact of urban development strategies and suburbs development strategies on changes in an urban heat island. Dr. Simon Choi from SCAG gave a presentation titled “Population Aging and Urban Development Strategies: U.S. Experiences. Dr. Choi introduced a series of the US efforts and projects aimed at creating population aging-friendly cities to brace for population aging era.

In addition, during the presentation titled “Housing Situation in LACs and Implications from Rental Housing Policy in Korea,”Dr. Miseon Park, a research fellow at the KRIHS underscored the significance of public rental housing to counter the housing shortage, both quantitative and qualitative, caused by rapid urbanization in LACs. Dr. Hyuengchul  Jeong, a chief researcher from the Korea Research Institute of Housing Management (KRIHM), introduced the housing management system and the tasks of housing managers, under the topic of “Housing Management System and the Role of Housing Managers in Korea.”

The discussion presided by honorary professor Seongkyu Ha from Chungang University was attended by professor Myonggu Kang from the University of Seoul, professor Joonhyung Kim from Myongji University, professor Gyungsoo Yim from Sungkyul University and Dr. Ilho Chung from the KRIHS, who are engaged in in-depth discussions on the roles of the public and private sector to tackle urban and housing issues facing Korea, LACs and the US, as well as their implications for developing countries.​