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TITLE The 40th Global Development Partnership Forum
DATE 2015-04-07 HIT 5296

The 40th Global Development Partnership Forum

The Global Development Partnership Center of Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements (KRIHS) held the 40th Global Development Partnership Forum on Wednesday, April 1, at KOREA Press Center. A total of 34 members participated in the forum including Han Sang-Geun, Deputy Department Head of Samsung; Kim Min-Geun, Director of Lottedevelop; and Kim Seon-Ung, Senior Research Fellow of Seoul Research Institute. Lee Jeong-Uk, Director of International Urban Development Cooperation Center (IUC) at Korea Land and Housing (LH), presented about how to activate international urban development businesses. The main contents of the presentation included the needs and plans for international urban development.

After the presentation, Park Young-Sin from The Korea Economic Daily asked a question about the practice of order contracts in international urban development to the presenter. He answered that most of the order contracts are signed by subcontractors.
The 41st Global Development Partnership Forum will be held on May 6th at the Press Center