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TITLE Seminar on National Territorial Development and Infra Planning in Korea
DATE 2015-12-07 HIT 15520

Seminar on National Territorial Development and Infra Planning in Korea

About: Sharing Korea’s knowledge and experience in national territory and infrastructure development
Date: November 18, 2015

The Global Development Partnership Center (GDPC) of KRIHS held a seminar on national territory planning and infrastructure development on November 18 by inviting 15 Indonesian government officials. 

After KRIHS and the role of GDPC were introduced, Managing Director Chung Ilho gave a lecture on Korea’s infrastructure development, and Director Lee Wonsup delivered a lecture on Korea’s comprehensive territorial development plan. The lectures were followed by question and answer sessions. 

Through the seminar, KRIHS shared its knowledge on the historical transition of Korea’s territorial development plans, Korea’s major policies, and how to establish national development plans for each field, manage projects, and build capacities. KRIHS also shared Korea’s successes, failures, and implications in the territorial development area.

The seminar was an excellent venue to discuss how to increase development projects in Indonesia, such as providing advice on national development research, based on Korea’s management of territorial, housing, and urban development. Besides that, they reviewed if the construction of Sejong City, a multifunction administrative city in Korea, could be applied to Indonesia. 

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