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TITLE 2018 KRIHS-WBG Joint Workshop on Balanced Spatial Development
DATE 2018-10-25 HIT 28087

파일첨부 2018 KRIHS-WBG Joint Workshop Reference.pdf

2018 KRIHS-WBG Joint Workshop on Balanced Spatial Development

​Date: Sept 17th (Mon) ~20th(Thur), 2018 
Venue: The Westin Chosun Seoul (2nd Floor)
Theme: 2018 KRIHS-WBG Joint Workshop on Balanced Spatial Development

The Global Development Partnership Center (GDPC) of the Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements (KRIHS) held 2018 KRIHS-WBG Joint Workshop on Balanced Spatial Development from September 17th (Mon) to 20th (Thur) jointly designed by the KRIHS and World Bank in the Westin Choson Seoul.

The 4-day workshop was attended by the Minister of DR Congo and 35 people including 26 government officials and practitioners from 11 countries (Egypt, Tunisia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Bhutan, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Slovakia, Romania, Argentina and Colombia) and 10 World Bank Staffs.

Under the theme of regional balanced development and development of underdeveloped regions the workshop is aimed to share policies, background, operation measures and examples of national balanced development in participant countries through presentations and group discussion and apply to developing countries to minimize gaps between them.

Also in relation to the 40th anniversary of KRIHS, it is expected that this workshop would be a good opportunity to share KRIHS‘ history and vision with foreign and local organizations and build network to spread research outcome and find out new demand.

The program including lectures, site visits, group discussion, presentation and Visioning Exercise brought opportunities to explore challenges and solutions on unbalanced development in participants’ countries. Through this program, it is expected to build cooperative partnership between Korea and participants’ countries for the future.

At the closing ceremony, the Director of GDPC, Sehoon Park expressed gratitude to all the participants from 11 countries and encouraged to solidify continuous cooperation between KRIHS and participant countries after this workshop.

Also Peter Ellis, the World Bank’s Lead Urban Economist highlighted national balanced development led by the central government, the role of local government and prompt judgement. He also expected sustained trilateral cooperation among KRIHS, World Bank and participant countries.

On behalf of the participants, the Minister of Decentralization and Institutional Reforms in DR Congo, Azrias Manywa Ruberwa stated that this workshop was very helpful and suggested discussing applicable measures with government officials in depth. In addition, he emphasized regional balanced development policy as a global issue considering the leadership of political leaders and relevant research organizations.