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TITLE GDPC Academy Lecture “SMART Academic Presentation”
DATE 2021-02-25 HIT 4685

GDPC Academy Lecture “SMART Academic Presentation”

Date: October 26 (Mon), 2020

Venue: KRIHS, Sejong, Korea

On Monday, October 26, GDPC, KRIHS hosted a GDPC Academy special lecture with JulianaLee, CEO of Juliana Lee & Partners. The GDPC Academy is an education session designed tostrengthen capabilities by inviting various field experts to give lectures.The lecture was titled “SMART Academic Presentation.” Instructor Lee explained how to prepare a successful presentation based on the acronym “SMART”: S structure, M message, Aarticulation, R rehearsal, and T try. Lee explained that a good presentation has good structure with a concise and clear title and message. Also, rehearsing the presentation with visual aidsand practicing clear pronunciation are essential for a successful presentation. Lastly, it would be best if you tried giving a presentation in public. After the lecture, participants from KRIHS had a Q&A session. This lecture was considered helpful in improving the KRIHS researchers’ English presentation skills.​