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TITLE University of Tokyo ICUS-KRIHS NUDPRC Joint Workshop
DATE 2015-04-01 HIT 5210

University of Tokyo ICUS-KRIHS NUDPRC Joint Workshop

About: Urban planning for disaster prevention in Japan and Korea 
Date: March 20, 2015

The National Urban Disaster Prevention Research Center (NUDPRC) of KRIHS organized a joint workshop with the International Center for Urban Safety Engineering (ICUS) at the University of Tokyo on March 20, at KRIHS. The NUDPRC and the ICUS signed an MOU for collaborative research in 2014, and as part of it, ten academics from the ICUS, including Professor Kato Takaaki of Planning and Engineering for Social Safety System at the University of Tokyo, visited KRIHS this year. During the three-day workshop, researchers from the two institutes presented their studies on urban planning for disaster prevention. 
  Professor Kato presented the risks from natural hazards and disasters in Tokyo, urban planning to prevent the disasters, and how to make cities safer. Japan has developed practical approach in urban planning in terms of disaster prevention for long, and disaster management in Japan is implemented both at the national and community level, Professor Kato said. He added that urban planning or system specialized in preventing flood damage is not common as it is in Korea, suggesting in-depth collaborative studies on flood damage by climate change with the NUDPRC.
  Dr. Lee Byoungjae of KRIHS presented Korea’s urban planning for disaster prevention. He introduced vulnerability analysis of disaster conducted now by local governments, urban planning for disaster prevention, and PSR system analyzing the characteristics of disaster in each region, as strategies to prevent damage. 
  Director Kim Taehwan of Land Management and Urban Research Division and Managing Director Kim Chongwon of the NUDPRC also attended the workshop and discussed how to continue and develop collaboration between the two institutes.