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TITLE 2017 Knowledge & Experience Sharing Program of Korean Infrastructure...
DATE 2017-10-25 HIT 29294

2017 Knowledge & Experience Sharing Program of Korean Infrastructure Development For High-Level Officials: Urban Regeneration Study Tour for Senior Government Officials from Afghanistan

Theme: Sharing Korean Experiences in Urban Infrastructure Development
Date: October 23 (Mon) – 27 (Fri), 2017
Venue: Ruby (22F), Maple (4F), The Plaza Hotel, Seoul/ Conference Room (3F), KRIHS, Sejong

 The Global Development Partnership Center (GDPC) at the Korean Research Institute for Human Settlements (KRIHS) held the ‘2017 Knowledge & Experience Sharing Program of Korean Infrastructure Development For High-Level Officials’ from October 23(Mon) – 27(Fri) at Ruby hall (22F) at the Plaza hotel in Seoul. The participants are 10 high-level government officials from Afghanistan and 1 World Bank staff. The aim of this workshop is to share knowledge and experiences in the field of Korean urban infrastructure development and to discuss how to apply them to the country.
 In the opening ceremony, participants were Ajmal Khan Shams, the director of the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing, Abdul Baqi Popal, the deputy minister of the Independent Directorate of Local Governance, Ahmad Jawid Tahiri, the deputy minister of Afghanistan Land Authority, Mawluddin Popal, the director of Urban Regeneration, Humayoun Faiz, the director of Plan and Policy, Ahmad Zaki Zaki, the director of Urban Planning, Abdul Sami Abdurahimazai, the project director, Salma Alokozai, the advisor to Deputy Minister Finance  and Dr. Hyoung Gun Wang, the senior economist of SAR, GPSURP of the World Bank. 


 In the opening speech, Dongju Kim, the President of KRIHS stressed the importance of urban infrastructure development and mutual cooperation to share knowledge for sustainable urban development, which can be utilized in Afghanistan. In addition, he encouraged Afghanistan to make following projects by sharing experiences under this program.


  For 5 days, this program includes lectures, business meeting and relevant field trips for sharing a variety of experiences relevant to urban regeneration, land, housing development and urban and environmental infrastructure development. Also it is expected that this workshop would become a good opportunity among Korea, Afghanistan, and WB to develop strong relationship and continuous cooperation for the future.